Sunday, April 26, 2009

very happy hour

i went to the farmer's market on saturday and ran into a friend.  he talked me into going to happy hour at easy lounge, down the street.  it was a beautiful day and i was intrigued by the farmer's market cocktails they serve.  they get fresh fruits and vegetables at the market and turn those into cocktails.  these drinks are $6 during happy hour (2-5pm, saturdays).

this was the menu when i was there:
-off with her head - fresh tangerine juice topped with proseco
-drink me - skyy vodka, triple sec, fresh carrot juice, fresh blood orange juice, served up
-whooo are yooou? - beefeater gin, fresh cucumber, ginger syrup, topped with soda and ginger ale

all 3 drinks were refreshing and tasty but my favorite was "drink me."  the carrot juice was sweetened slightly by the blood orange juice and it was garnished with a mint leaf.  i nibbled the leaf and then took a sip of the drink.  mmmmm....even better!  if i made the drink, i would try to incorporate the mint into the drink itself, not just as a garnish. 

i always see a long line of people waiting to buy kettle corn at the farmers market, but i've never tried it.  maybe it's all that smoke billowing out of the little tent that discourages me.  well easy also has complimentary glasses of kettle corn  for people to snack on.  it was soooo good!  the freshly popped corn was sprinkled with sugar and salt.  it surprised me because i wasn't expecting the sweetness.  i guess that means i'll have to stand in the long line to get more....or i can just go get a cocktail.  :)


  1. Gotta get back to the Bay area for this! That cocktail sounds bomb!

  2. yeah, it was. let me know when you come up and i'll meet you there!