Friday, April 3, 2009

does bacon make everything better?

have you seen iron chef america on food network? iron cupcake is a meetup group where people in the bay area participate in a monthly bake off with a "secret ingredient." this month's ingredient is breakfast so i decided to make my "banana pancakes cupcakes" again.

i first made this cupcake for my friend's birthday in august. i used a banana cupcake recipe from everyday magazine but made mini cupcakes instead of standard size. i topped them with 3 different frostings: cream cheese, strawberry and maple. there wasn't a clear winner with my friends but my favorite was the maple. 

iron cupcake was fun. it was nice to meet other people that like to bake and experiment.  everyone sets out their cupcakes and we get one of each. this is my plate. there was a savory "cupcake" this time. it was a crepe with a mushroom and herb mixture rolled up. the "frosting" was creme fresh and chives sprinkled on top. very cute and tasty but if i was a judge, i think i might disqualify it because it's not technically a cupcake. there was a brown sugar cupcake with a waffle on top, very cute. french toast, waffles, pancakes, latte...and bacon. some were tastier than others...most were very cute. i went through the 13 cupcakes, filling out the little score card at a steady pace. when i got to #7 my whole system fell apart. 

this cupcake had an apple filling (which i didn't understand at first), maple frosting and homemade bacon bits on top. this cupcake made me close my eyes and "mmmmmmm" escaped from the back of my throat. the apple paired nicely because the bacon was apple wood cured. i've heard of bacon in cupcakes before and i thought it might work...but this really exceeded my expectations. i was very happy when this cupcake won first place.

it got me thinking about other bacon sweet treats i've heard about recently: maple bacon doughnut, maple bacon lollipops, bacon chocolate bar, maple bacon snickerdoodles. i like bacon but i'm wondering if have people have gone too far. does bacon really make everything better?

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