Wednesday, April 15, 2009

deviled eggs

like a lot of kids, i used to dye eggs for easter when i was little.  after the easter egg hunt, it was always my job to make deviled eggs.  

i found myself wondering where the name came from, and what different recipes are out there.  after a little research, i found some answers. i guess heavily seasoned foods were called "deviled" in england.  if that's the case, most of what my family cooks would be deviled. "traditional" deviled eggs usually have mayonnaise and vinegar.  what i make is called "southern" deviled eggs.  my family is from the south but from my point of view, our recipe is traditional.

now i use the word "recipe" very loosely.  my family doesn't measure with teaspoons and cups.  we measure by sight, smell and taste.  so that means, it's next to impossible for me to give a detailed recipe for our deviled eggs.  the way to learn one of my mom's "recipes" is to actually make the dish with her.  she explains all the steps and shows me what to look for.  we taste the dish constantly and add different ingredients as necessary.  

i started cooking at a young age.  the first time i made this recipe, i might have been 5 years old.  it's actually very easy.  all you do is mix everything up and taste.  if it needs more mustard, add a couple squirts.  mix again.  taste.  if it needs more pepper, grind a little over the bowl and mix again.  proceed like that until you're satisfied with the filling.  

i know it would have been easier for you if i measured everything, but i made it the way i always do it.  if anyone wants to really learn my recipe, we'll have to spend time in the kitchen together.

deviled eggs
you can make as many deviled eggs as you want to.  the beauty of this recipe is, you can modify it for any situation.
hard boiled eggs

slice the eggs in half lengthwise.  take out the yolks and mash with a fork in a bowl.  mix with mayonnaise, mustard, relish and pepper.  taste and add whatever  is missing.  repeat as much as necessary.  put a small spoonful in each egg white half.  sprinkle with paprika.

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