Monday, April 13, 2009

chicago dog

chicago may be well known for its deep-dish pizza, but there are more hot dog stands than wendy's, mcdonald's and burger kings combined

before my trip, i did some research on chicago hot dogs.  traditional dogs are made with the following ingredients: pickle spear, yellow mustard, sport peppers, relish, diced onions, fresh tomatoes, hot dog, steamed poppy seed bun.  chicagoans are very serious about their hot dogs and say that real hot dog stands don't use ketchup and some even laugh at you if you ask for it.

after all the research i did, we ended up running out of time and we ended up stopping by maxwell's on the way to midway airport.  this is the hot dog i had on the plane.  i'm not proud to say the sport peppers were too hot for me.  after taking those off, i thouroughly enjoyed my first chicago hot dog.  but i'm going to have to try a few more to understand this creation.  i don't necessarily want to eat the most famous, just the most delicious.  does anybody have a suggestion?  where can i get the best hot dog in chicago?

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