Monday, March 2, 2009

believe in yourself

throughout most of this season of top chef, carla believed in herself. she had the courage to show her quirky personality and cook with love. she remained centered and after a slow start, ended up winning three quickfire challenges.

in part one the top chef finale, carla was the clear front runner. casey, a finalist from a previous season, was carla's sous chef and talked her into changing a few dishes. to make a long story short, the dishes didn't turn out right and hosea ended up winning the competition in part two.

"my biggest competitor was myself." this is what carla said in her npr interview. she also said she second guessed herself and didn't believe. unfortunately, carla is not top chef even though most people, including the winner, thought she was going to win. she's obviously a talented chef but it just didn't happen for her. i don't think she was robbed. when she stopped believing in herself on top of all the time contraints, it just slipped out of her fingers.

carla made me think about how much believing in yourself really matters. this is the difference between people that don't achieve their goals and people that do. i think she learned a big lesson that day...and i did too...

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